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My hobbies are reading, net surfing and RuneQuest. Years ago, I also played computer games. In addition, I write for Finnish Wikipedia, and digitize the old Finnish literature in the international Distributed Proofreaders, which prodeces material for Project Gutenberg. I also add shorter texts to Finnish Wikisource.

I study Finnish Language, Finnish Literature, and Information Studies in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki. I did my civilian service in Pasila Main Library, and after that, I have been working as a substitute in Helsinki City Library employed by Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy. I took the matriculation examination in North Helsinki High School. Finnish, history and philosophy were the strongest subjects of mine in the matriculation examination but mathematics and ADP interest me, too. In addition to Finnish, I understand English, Swedish, German and Estonian.

My brother, Mikko Järvinen, has homepage with a lot of graphics.
My father, Erkki Järvinen, has also his homepage.

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Updated 31.5.2009

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