RuneQuest is a fantasy roleplaying game for two or more players, ages 12 or older. Players create adventurers who explore a fantasy world. You can find RuneQuest products from Fantasiapelit, a Finnish RPG Store. Look at RuneQuest products in Fantasiapelit. Mongoose Publishing has published the new version of RuneQuest.
RuneQuest adventures often take place in Glorantha, world with a lot of magic and special creatures. Glorantha is also the game world of HeroQuest, the rules system by Issaries, Inc; in practise, it is a new version of Hero Wars. At present, HeroQuest is published by Moon Design with a licence from Issaries.

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RuneQuest and Glorantha links

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Other good RuneQuest and Glorantha links

Issaries, Inc's link page has much many RuneQuest and Glorantha links. The Gloranthan Link List mantained by the fans is also worth visiting. The Finnish lin list has links to Finnish Glorantha material.
You can find a lot of Glorantha material from Tradetalk Magazine.
King of Dragon Pass is a brilliant computer game set in Glorantha.
You can find Glorantha stories from Gloranthan Mything Links Collection by Oliver Bernuetz. Oliver Dickinson's Griselda Pages are also interesting.
Kalikos - Finnish Gloranthan Association improves Glorantha Knowledge in Finland.

Trademark Statement: Glorantha, Glorantha Trading Association, Sartar Rising, Imperial Lunar Handbook, Lords of the West, and Odyssey of Terror are the trademarks of Issaries, Inc., and are used under license. HeroQuest, Hero Wars, RuneQuest, and Issaries are the registered trademarks of Issaries, Inc., and are used under license.

"Concept Use" Statement: Glorantha is the creation of Greg Stafford. Greg Stafford and Issaries, Inc., reserve the right to use any Gloranthan names, places, and concepts, from any Original Material, in any future Gloranthan development or publications, without further credit or payment.

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